Mikael Saarinen

Mikael Saarinen (kognitiivis-analyyttinen lyhytpsykoterapeutti/VET, PsL, FT) ja on erikoistunut työstressin, uupumuksen, traumaattisten kriisien ja kiusallisten tunteiden kanssa työskentelyyn lyhytterapeuttisin menetelmin ja interventioin. Lisäksi Mikael tekee tutkimukseen perustuvia parien kriisikonsultaatioita.

Työskentelykielet ovat suomi ja englanti.

Yksilökonsultaatio (45 min) 100 €, Parikonsultaatio (60 min) 140 €, Parikonsultaatio (90 min) 200 €, Coaching 125 €.


Mikael Saarinen is a brief psychotherapist (Cognitive-Analytic Psychotherapy) who also has background in Emotion research and Work psychology. Mikael was over ten years a member of Red Cross Psychosocial Support Group and has been a researcher in several institutions. Mikael is specialised working with negative emotions and their regulation, work stress and exhaustion, psychological traumas and research based couples therapy.

Mikael has written over ten books on the topics of well-being, emotions and therapy and is a columnist for the biggest well-being and working life development magazine (Hyvä Terveys and Telma) in Finland.

Individual Consultation (45 min) 100 €, Couples Consultation (60 min) 140 €, Couples Consultation (90 min) 200 €, Coaching 125€.